We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but that also appeal to a global audience. Below is a collection of items perfect for those who love all things fashion.

fit it ∙ balance support sole by HONSHU CO. LTD

With a growing number of people with health issues related to gait performance, these slippers designed specifically for mobility issues, offer a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to weakened muscles, arch problems and sore feet.

¥980–¥2,200. Buy here.

Pebble by KoH T

At first glance, one might not guess this product is an eco-bag but it actually is one of the coolest, handiest eco bags available. Cased in a plastic “pebble”, it can be pulled out and squeezed back in with the utmost convenience.

¥3,600. Buy here.

Kihei Jewelry by BIJOUPIKO GROUP (G ∙ T ∙ B ∙ T Co., Ltd.)

Customizable and luxurious with its beauty enhanced by simplicity, this jewelry’s chain necklaces, rings and other jewelry items are not only aesthetically pleasing but also valuable as an asset.

From ¥52,800. Buy here


Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, these shorts are made from a durable traditional cotton fabric created from a special weaving technique that allows a more comfortable feel as time goes by. A repair service is also available.

¥15,400. Buy here.

Chameleon Band for Apple Watch by Hineno Katsujiro Syoten Ltd.

The one-of-a-kind band for Apple Watch uses kimono silk fabric hand-dyed and handmade by a team of highly skilled artisans who work meticulously on this minimalist and sleek design.

¥6,600–¥11,000. Buy here.


Originating as a supplier of textiles, this fashion brand is taking a plunge to launch its first-ever clothing line. With all its textiles made from recycled material, this fashion brand is solely focused on the realization of a sustainable future.

¥34,000–¥68,000. Buy here

Datenoohizamoto Kimono Obi Belt Helper by M-STUDIO

Because wearing kimono without assistance can be very difficult, fewer women are wearing kimono. To solve this issue, this product was developed for those who enjoy wearing kimono but find it challenging to tie their obi belts alone.

¥14,850. Buy here

Akoya Pearl Jewelry by BIJOUPIKO GROUP (G ∙ T ∙ B ∙ T Co., Ltd.)

Shipped directly from Ise-Shima, the birthplace of Akoya pearls, these pearls are of the highest quality grades and cultured under the strictest of standards. They are said to have the highest rank in terms of quality.

¥96,800–¥1,137,400. Buy here.

Minitto by Ruboa co., ltd.

A minimalist’s dream wallet, this product was designed with high-capacity storage and compactness in mind. Size-wise, this wallet is as big as the largest Japanese bill, but folded, it becomes the most stylish compact wallet. Perfect for a gift.

¥22,000. Buy here

SuWashi Toe Socks by hatena kikaku

These inner socks, made from washi paper and worn under regular socks, minimize foot moisture. This product is certainly ideal for anyone who has ever felt self-conscious about removing footwear when entering facilities and homes.

¥1,540. Buy here.

SURENA by August Kekulé, Inc.

A gender-neutral solution, these boxer briefs made with a double-layered inseam structure, were created with the intent to reduce daily physical discomfort caused by inner thigh chafing. This product was developed based on scientific methods to guarantee the utmost comfort.

¥5,980. Buy here.

NEGAI A3 Size Ethical Leather Bag by Ethical Leather Sobagni

Made completely without any environmentally hazardous substances, this durable, lightweight leather bag belongs to the highest-ranking synthetic leather manufacturer in Japan and second overseas in respective markets.

¥32,000. Buy here.

Slide Thumb by sion works Inc.

If you have ever felt embarrassed by fumbling around when trying to offer a business card, this innovative business card holder is for you. Made from cowhide and handled with meticulous care from start to finish, this product won’t let you down.

¥7,920. Buy here

most SW by Fream Japan Co., Ltd.

No parts are wasted in this wallet, made entirely in Japan and designed with simplicity and minimalism. The dyed leathers used in the production of this wallet are soft to the touch and ages beautifully.

¥29,800. Buy here

Handmade Buffalo Horn Eyeglass Frame by Optique Nakanishi

The horns of water buffalo that died of old age are used to make eyewear with a 280-step process that minimized the usage of machines. Very few manufacturers can produce buffalo horn frames due to the complicated application of techniques.

¥198,000–¥275,000. Buy here.

Shiza Scissor Door Medium Wallet by METALSTIC

Inspired by scissors doors on sports cars, this wallet incorporates the same movement to its moveable card slit making this a truly innovative design. Every wallet is handmade by a single artisan from start to finish.

¥33,000. Buy here

NoPoints Innerwear Ver.3 by TENKODO, LTD.

This undershirt can help men feel confident in any situation without worrying whether their shirt is exposing their nipples. The undershirt is equipped with chest pockets and pressurization and can be used for sleepwear.

¥6,600–¥7,200. Buy here.


Truly an artisanal product, this minimalist wallet made of paper-thin slices of wood and hand-dyed leather captures the spirit of delicate Japanese aesthetics. In addition, by applying a unique creation process, this product remains eco-friendly.

¥11,550–¥12,100. Buy here.

Mizuhiki Accessories by Origata-Mizuhiki Culture Club

With an aim to keep the Japanese culture of wrapping and tying alive, this product known as a Mizuhiki, is an intricate paper cord decoration traditionally used to wrap gifts. The paper cords come in various designs to add further meaning to the gift.

¥880–¥8,800. Buy here


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2022 brochure.