We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but that also appeal to a global audience. Below is a collection of bathroom and skincare goods to spruce up your evening routing for optimal “me time.”


Based on the concept of “the new amazing texture that brings you bliss while touching and using,” these towels help to restore a good balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

¥2,420–¥11,000. Buy here.

SHINE BABY&KIDS by Nishikawa Co., Ltd.

A new lifestyle brand that delivers peace of mind to both the mother and the baby, this 100% naturally derived skincare series features the domestic Alpinia speciosa plant, known for its intense moisturizing and skin conditioning properties.

¥2,970–¥4,950. Buy here.


An aging care serum developed to help alleviate the stresses associated with modern lifestyles through the power of skincare. The ferment extracts, 11 types of plant extracts and four types of peptides work wonders for fatigued skin.

¥14,850. Buy here

Whipped Cream Cotton Blanket by Romance Kosugi Inc.

A blanket so cuddly and soft, it’s like whipped cream. It boasts superb heat retention, is lightweight and is washable, allowing for easy maintenance. Ideal to curl up and relax in when at home.

¥11,000. Buy here.

IN-ON all-in-one facial care essential lotion by KINRYO CO., LTD.

A luxurious all-in-one facial care essential lotion containing high-quality extra virgin oil that’s safe to ingest and is enriched with beauty ingredients. Leaves your skin firm, radiant and bright.

¥9,900. Buy here.

Shizen Seikatsu Soy Milk Skincare Series by TOFUNOMORITAYA CO., LTD.

This original soymilk skincare series contains a total of seven naturally derived ingredients boasting beneficial effects on the skin. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, the products feel very gentle. 

¥1,430–¥4,180. Buy here

WELLMETHOD Supplements and Cosmetics by Healthcare SBU WELLMETHOD team, DAICEL CORPORATION

Offering well-aging solutions for women who accept changes in the body and mind as a natural aging process, these products are eco-friendly as they use extracts that are usually discarded.

¥3,100–¥4,320. Buy here.

“Made in TSUBAME” Certified Pure Titanium Tongue Cleaner by WATARU BRIDGE

Made of high-quality pure titanium that is rust-resistant, environmentally friendly and leaves a less metallic taste, this tongue cleaner effectively removes tongue fur that causes bad breath.

¥3,980. Buy here

Bamboo Toothbrush by Astep inc.

Moving towards a plastic-free future, these toothbrushes can be used repeatedly thanks

to the strength and the natural antibacterial property of bamboo. Can be stored for long

periods without the use of anti-mildew agents or bleaching materials.

¥165–¥6,600. Buy here

Body Care Brush by NIHON CLEAN-TECH CO., LTD.

A hybrid brush made with tapered fiber and special cross-section-shaped fiber. The former reaches into tiny creases and pores on the skin to clean impurities. The latter takes advantage of its unique shape to lather up soap.

¥3,300. Buy here.

Kamiyotsubaki by Toshima Agricultural Cooperative

Harvested in the gardens of Toshima Island in Tokyo under a thorough traceability system, this rare camellia oil uses seeds of fully ripe Yabu Tsubaki (camelia indigenous to Japan). It carries the COSMOS-certified signature, guaranteeing environmental-friendly production.

¥1,980–¥5,500. Buy here

Okinawan seaweeds facial pack by Family Planning CO., LTD.

More than simply being a type of food, this unique brown seaweed named Mozuku is also known as an effective moisturizer as it contains ample amounts of moisture content. A revolutionary product that’s easy to use.

¥1,320. Buy here

PureBio One by purely Co., Ltd.

With this single item, satisfying anti-aging care can be expected. It’s based on “epigenetics,” a new approach that awakens the skin’s natural regenerative power, as well as the “telomere theory of aging” to provide cutting-edge products that combine organic and biotechnology.

¥30,800. Buy here.

Sensyu Nanbuori Cotton Linen Honeycomb Waffle Series by FUJIWARASHOKUFU Co., Ltd.

These special towels with beautiful patterns feature two weaving techniques. Enjoy the crisp feel and absorbency unique to linen and the gentleness of cotton. Friendly to both people and the environment.

¥1,100–¥11,000. Buy here.


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2022 brochure.