Longtime residents of Tokyo may know it as 109MEN’S, but as of April 28, the popular shopping complex in Shibuya is now known as Magnet by Shibuya 109. The new name is the first step in the complete makeover of the complex, scheduled to be completed by spring 2019.

Aside from the new name, changes include the addition of Mag’s Park, a rooftop location with great views of the Shibuya scramble crossing. Additional changes include MAG7, a collection of eateries including Fatburger, the hamburger shop from Los Angeles. Other renovations include a new souvenir shop on the first floor and more.

Events to mark the occasion took place between April 28, including performances by singers and artists that marked Magnet as a spot that supports youth art and music in Shibuya.

Next time you’re in Shibuya, get pulled in by Magnet!

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