by Jon Chai

McGregor, the brand that originally became famous for making the leather bomber jackets popularized by James Dean in the 1950s, recently opened a store on Cat Street in Harajuku. Already popular with nostalgic expats who remember the brand’s heyday years ago, the new shop is also attracting attention from the Japanese press for its retro looking branding and imagery.

Located on one of Tokyo’s most fashionable streets, this new branch will aim to continue McGregor’s success in the higher-end fashion market. The store was given the name ‘Budge Dragon,’ after the renowned tennis player Don Budge, the first player to ever win all four tournaments that comprise the Grand Slam in a single year. The Scottish company combines the original designs of the sixties with a more modern style, functionality, and texture to achieve a sleek, athletic look that maintains a classic design.

McGregor Budge Dragon 6-14-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tel: 03-5778-9151