Filmelangé is collaborating with long-standing French shoemaker Paraboot for the second year running. Both brands prize the balance of traditional craftsmanship with the spirit of innovation, so each time they come together they create something new and exciting. 

The Paraboot Difference 

In the heart of the French Alps, over 200 artisans are absorbed in their task of making 350,000 pairs of high quality shoes annually. Here Paraboot is on a quest for balance and simplicity, making shoes that don’t sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. This family-run business is in its fourth generation and still maintains the core values of dedication to quality and attention to detail that founder Rémy-Alexis Richard-Pontvert instilled more than 100 years ago. Case in point: the manufacturing process hasn’t changed since the early 1900s and includes over 150 meticulous steps to complete each shoe. Even now, Paraboot is the only manufacturer in the world that makes its own soles for its shoes. 

Paraboot X Filmelangé

For this year’s collaboration, Paraboot and Filmelangé have produced designs for both men and women. The men’s shoe is based on Paraboot’s Chimey model, taken from this year’s autumn/winter collection. It’s an elegant boat shoe with soft curves and thick quilting inside.

The women’s model is based on the Nano, a shoe that is characterized by its plump and round form. Originally designed as a work boot in France, it’s a slip-on shoe that is reminiscent of Japanese safety shoes. Its simple design and structure make it a perfect match for any casual outfit. Paraboot usually makes both styles in smooth leather, but for its Filmelangé collaboration, both shoes come in brown suede, giving the shoes a softer and more casual look.

House Filmelangé in Hiroo

House Filmelangé’s shop in Jingumae closed its doors on December 6, but fear not: it’s temporary. Filmelangé’s brick-and-mortar store will reopen in a quiet residential part of Motoazabu, near Hiroo. Similar to its Jingumae location, the new shop will be a bit far from the station, but therein lies its appeal — it’s a destination, not somewhere you just happen to stop by. House Filmelangé will reopen on January 15, 2021, where the unique charms of the brand and their expertise with fabrics will be on full display.

Essential Info

House Filmelangé  

Address: Tour Blanche 1F, Moto-Azabu 3-4-29, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11am-7pm
Tel: 03-6447-1107
Email: [email protected]
Online store:

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