Japanese craftsmanship meets European styling in the designs of furniture-maker Ritzwell.

Ritzwell first made its mark on the domestic furniture design industry in 1992, thanks to the brand’s unique style. A piece of Ritzwell furniture is immediately recognizable for its signature “organic modernism,” a look that combines simple, balanced forms with the natural grace and beauty of high-quality wood and leather. The seemingly effortless lines of these pieces are actually the result of a rigorous feedback cycle of evaluation and redesign that focuses on the aesthetics as well as the utility of every piece, stripping away any extraneous elements and leaving only the fascination of Ritzwell furniture that grows more beautiful with time. Acclaimed by numerous architects and interior designers, the brand enjoys widespread use in homes and businesses around Japan and in Europe, the Middle East, and the US. But it is still the natural appeal of their furniture that inspires such loyalty from its customers. The more you use a piece of Ritzwell furniture, the more the shape of the backrest, the smoothness of the leather, even the wrinkles, remember your body and mold to it, changing over the years to grow ever closer to you.

1. Easy Chair “Rivage” (pictured above, background left)
The frame of this understated easy chair is made from finely oiled walnut, and finished with a fabric and leather back. The smooth, minimalist lines make for an item that will fit well with a variety of room decors, while the carefully stitched leather and fabric cushions make this a chair you’ll be in no hurry to get up from.

2. Sofa “Light Field” (foreground right)
Available in burgundy, vintage brown, or black leather covering, and upholstered with a variety of fabric or leather options, this low-set sofa offers luxurious comfort, exquisite craftsmanship, and truly unique lines. Several different configurations of this sofa are available to fit any room in your home.

3. Table Collection (center)
Ritzwell offers a wide variety of tables in dozens of different heights, sizes, and materials—from glass to steel and wood. Whether you’re looking for a side table to accompany a sofa or an easy chair, or the centerpiece of your living room, you can be sure to find just the right piece.


Address: 107-0062 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-aoyama, 2-13-7
Web: www.ritzwell.com/en/ | Email: [email protected]