Shopping for the latest sneakers in Tokyo has always been a hassle, and as a man who likes to match his trainers with his outfits, a single store in which to secure all my sneaker shopping would be nice. ABC mart is always a good first stop but for the hunters of the exclusive, a new player has emerged onto the scene – Sneakersnstuff Tokyo.

With all the new releases and a ton of limited-edition sneakers from a multitude of brands (Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.), Sneakersnstuff Tokyo is a massive global player snugly established in the ever-so-stylish Log Road of Daikanyama.

To set themselves apart from the other brick and mortar shoe stores in Tokyo, Sneakersnstuff has innovated its brand by introducing a mobile store – the SNS delivery truck. The yellow truck works as an independent store driving around to areas outside of Daikanyama in order to further extend the store’s reach and make it that much easier for sneaker heads to get their sneaker fix.

The mobile store will stock all that the main store stocks, but on wheels, driving around and tantalizing sneaker heads and hobbyists alike with its wide variety of brands and products.

The Daikanyama log store’s design is a fusion of sleek Sweden-Scandinavian aesthetics with Japanese sensibilities to create a welcoming yet stylish atmosphere. The idea is that one cannot sell the most-exclusive, limited-edition trainers in a store that doesn’t have its own exclusive design.

The Stockholm-based company’s seventh store worldwide – and first in Asia – was designed and built by Bofink Design Studio architect Jenny Askenforth, who was inspired by both traditional and contemporary aspects of Japan, incorporating them with the company’s Swedish heritage. The stores’ furniture and fixtures are all custom-made, and the two buildings in Daikanyama and the soon-to-be opened café each have a unique design, creating contrast through Japan-Sweden concepts.

Sneakersnstuffs’ café, the SNS Cafe, is scheduled to open in February 2020. Partnered with Camelback Sandwich and Espresso café, and keeping on theme with the rest of the store, SNS Cafe will sell both Swedish and Japanese cakes, pastries and coffee. The store will also sell merchandise and products only available at this venue, while showcasing talent from local creators.

Coffee and high quality sneakers – Sneakersnstuff Tokyo has created a dangerous one-two combo for the lovers of the latest sneakers, and the caffeine craved. This writer for one knows where he’ll be spending his Sundays – drinking a hot espresso and looking at some fine sneakers in  Daikanyama.


Images courtesy of SneakersnStuff Tokyo