Things that are currently trending in Tokyo: illuminations, off-season Oktoberfests, and pop-up shops. It’s limited, so get it while it’s hot!

Andy Warhol’s visual art legacy continues to inspire artists and it appears everywhere: exhibitions, books, and feature and documentary films. Now even some makeup are sporting the pop-art look, and in this exclusive collection we can now enjoy this side of the world.

If you’re not familiar with French cosmetics brand NARS, you’ve either been using the wrong kind of makeup or you are a man. With provocative product shades such as ‘Orgasm’, ‘Sex Machine’ and ‘Striptease’, the brand is not just about being racy, but mostly about offering an affordable range of high-quality products.

For the 2012 holidays, NARS launched a special edition of Andy Warhol-inspired cosmetics, everything ranging from color creation, packaging, and naming: Francois Nars, founder and creative director of the beauty label, has worked on the details of the line from color palette to packaging characteristics in order to reproduce the vision of the iconic artist.

The pop-up shop itself has been created to resemble Warhol’s Silver Factory, so keep an eye on the decor if you happen to pop-in. Eye shadow, lipstick, and blush sets sport names such as ‘Edie Sedgwick’, ‘Photo Booth’ and ‘Beautiful Darling’.

Whether you’re a cosmetic fiend, want to treat someone for Christmas or love Andy Warhol, you should catch an eyeful of his art in the form of face paint. Watch the preview video here:

NARS Andy Warhol Silver Factory

When: Nov. 29-Dec. 1

Where: Sunday Issue, Shibuya (see map)

Main image:

by Vivian Morelli

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