Music, fashion and dance are inseparable.

That’s as true in Japan as in the rest of the world, where the fusion of the three artforms has constantly cultivated new trends in Japanese culture. In featuring that fusion as its theme, Street Dance Production company Vintom brings big names from the fashion and dance industries together with an all-new event it’s calling Fashion Dance Night.

The event will take place at SHIBUYA duo MUSIC EXCHANG on March 20, and a limited number of tickets allowing guests to behold collaborations between huge dance stars, including winners of the global competition World of Dance, will be available from February 7 at 12am.

Widely known for its unique commercial productions for SPINNs, Vintom commits to promoting the world of dance from beyond Japan’s borders. Fashion Dance Night features dancers and brands from around the globe, as girls in decked out in the various brands’ clothes dance to create a unique atmosphere. With megabrands like New Balance and Lux, guests are sure to enjoy this unique night of fusion.

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Date: 3/20 (national holiday)
Producer: AikoJun
Brands: New Balance、SPINNS, Lux, Amijed, AUMNIE, Cherie COCO
Special Guests: s**t kingz, Ruu, YUMIE
Collaborating Dancers: NAnA, ayae, Hagri, 新藤静香, maruyuka, AYANA, KOYUKi