Just because Halloween has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a bit of dress up to your daily life. These cat-themed accessories let your inner feline come out and play, while helping to protect the health and livelihood of cats around the country.

Felissimo Neko-bu, an online source for all things cat related in Japan, has announced a new lineup to help you stay warm and look your very cutest as the winter months approach.

First up is the “Secret Cat Ears” knit cap. Available in three simple colors – grey, navy, and tan – the cap also features a subtle set of pointy ears at the front of the hat and a curling tail in the back. But don’t worry: this isn’t really cosplay material, as the ear-and-tail effect of this number is subtle enough that you might need two takes to realize that there is more than meets the eye. A pompom on top of the cap adds one more playful touch to an item that will go well with almost any fall or winter outfit.



The price for a single cap is ¥2,800 plus tax, but real cat cap fanatics can go for the complete set with a special offer from Felissimo: each month, a different colored cat cap will be sent to your door until you have the full set of three.

The other item on the feline fashion lineup is an item that will keep you warm, and one that offers a small surprise. You’re normally meant to drape the neck warmer around your shoulders and fasten it with magnets hidden on either side. But hold the magnet up to the bridge of your nose and for just a moment, you’ll be looking just like the cat’s meow. It’s an even subtler kitty effect than the knit cap.

Cat ears and whiskers not included

Cat ears and whiskers not included

Available in three models – grey with a brown nose, black with a brown nose, and white with a pink nose – the neck warmer is ¥3,600 plus tax.

A portion of the sale of each item will go to support the Felissimo Cat Foundation, which helps support efforts to find new homes for abandoned cats, prevent the overpopulation of stray cats, and to take care of animals during natural disasters.

So save yourself a trip to the cat café, and pick up one of these purrfectly cute new items.

For more information, visit PRTimes (Japanese only).