As we will be staying close to Tokyo this winter season, most of us will celebrate the end of 2020 only with family and close friends, or at gatherings with small groups at open spaces such as parks. There is always room for fashion, and these powerful dresses will set the mood.

Mimosa Dress

Embrace the elegance of the season with this lace dress accentuated with yellow mimosa flowers. Dress by LOTHIKO, earrings by LARICA

Lace Dress

An embroidered dress can make any precious occasion feel special. Dress by LOTHIKO

Robe-Inspired Dress

Wear this fan favorite with jeans, a long cardigan or match with a long dress if romance is in the air. Dress by LOTHIKO

Meet Our Style Expert

Shoi Sapeta is the founder and chief stylist of XYI Style Creation as well as an influencer working with Japanese fashion brands. XYI collaborates with different stylists and Japanese brands to offer efficient and effective styling services for daily life or special occasions. More info at