This year, the holidays will undoubtedly look different. Whether you are attending small gatherings or scheduling numerous festive Zoom calls with friends and colleagues, wearing a mask for some of your holiday events means that you also need to adjust your makeup accordingly. But just because you’ll be wearing a mask, it doesn’t mean you should let it stop you from going all-out on a holiday makeup look that is absolutely stunning.  

Here are some holiday looks that work with or without a mask and some pre-and post-mask skincare tips that will help ensure you don’t have sudden breakouts just as the party season kicks off. 

Subtle Gold Shimmer

If you like a bit of shine on your lids, try a subtle dusting of gold shimmer. You can try with a bit of loose shimmer pigment or with some glittery eye gloss to your black winged liner. If you don’t have either of these products, no need to worry — simply dip your finger in some gold powder shadow and carefully smudge it over your lids and you’re good to go!

Classic Cat-Eye Liner

Classic cat-eyeliner with just about nothing else is a combo that never fails, no matter what the occasion. 

Colored Tips

If you are a makeup minimalist embracing the festive spirit, then colored eyeliner is the way to go. This is an easy way to define your eyes and make them pop even with a mask on. If you are unsure of which colored eyeliner to pick, then try pairing it with your outfit for that coordinated look.

Emerald Eyes

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with jewel-toned colors like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. But make sure you keep everything else neutral to make your eyes the focus. Remember, the trick here is to limit the shadow to just your eyelid (so don’t bring it up to the brow bones) and blend the edges carefully to give your eyes a pretty but jeweled-up stunning look. 

Smokey Rose Shadow

A smokey eye doesn’t always have to be dark and moody. Try using three shades of pinks and rose for a sultry glow that will look great with just about anything.

Gold Glitter Galore

Using loads of chunky gold (eco-friendly) glitter is an easy way to get into the festive spirit with minimal effort. Just spread it all over your lids, brow bones, and dab a bit under your lower lids for some sparkly spirit.

Warm Neutrals

A sultry, soft-glow where everything is in the same color family is perfect (and surely pretty) for any of your upcoming holiday events.  

Shades of Blue

Blue eye shadow can be intimidating but skip the ’80s cliche by blending different shades of blues together to give a little more depth and contour. For an extra sexy look, finish with a black winged eye-line and some lower lash-mascara. 

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner has been trending all over Instagram, and now with the holidays around the corner, there’s no better time to try something dramatic. Check out what these makeup influencers are posting and give yourself plenty of time to get the shape right (as well as some cotton swabs handy just in case). 

Pink Flush  

We’ve seen this makeup trend all over Asia for quite some time now. Perfect for the winter season, fake like you just got in from the cold (even when you’ve just been watching Netflix) with a flush of hot pink on your eyes and cheeks. 

Glitter Tears

A fairly simple look that has maximum impact. To create this look, use glitter and crystals to create a tiny “V”s underneath your lower lashes, followed by a good coating of mascara on your upper lashes!

Retro Eyes

It doesn’t mean you have to go for glitters and golds just because it’s the holiday season. This ‘60s-inspired eye look is still insanely glamorous, without a sparkle in sight.  

Skincare Tips When You’re Wearing A Mask

Since the early months of the pandemic, many of us have fully accepted wearing face masks daily. The downside to protection, however, is that even the finest masks simply can’t combat maskne. This is why we must rethink our skincare and makeup routines to help prevent any potential hazards and optimize our skin’s health and resilience until we find ourselves mask-free again (hopefully soon). Here’s what you can do if you’re facing the problem. 

1. Steer clear of harsh scrubs, heavy-duty exfoliants, and thick creams as these all tend to exacerbate congestion. Instead, reach for a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, light serum and sunscreen (remember, opt for oil-free or non-comedogenic).

2. Prioritize skin-soothing ingredients, such as niacinamide, calendula, hyaluronic acid, or aloe.  

3. The best way to help prevent unclogged pores is to skip foundation if possible and simply focus on your eyes and brows if you still want to feel made-up. If you must wear foundation, choose something that is lightweight, mineral-based, and suitable for sensitive skin; and apply only on exposed areas. When you’re finished applying your makeup, make sure to blot the skin in order to gently remove that top layer that would normally rub off on your mask. 

4. For unwanted breakouts, have some spot solution accessible to gently dab on affected areas. Look for something that contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. For a more holistic and natural solution, try a green tea or oolong cold compress to the skin for a few minutes to ease any mask-related redness or swelling.

5. Remember, be sure to wait at least five to ten minutes after you finish your skincare routine before putting on your mask. You want to make sure everything has been absorbed into your skin before covering up.

6. Try pushing your cleansing routine a little earlier – right when you return home – this will help remove any trapped sweat and debris that may have accumulated while wearing your mask all day.

Happy holidays!