As the humidity subsides and the cool, dry weather breaks through, I find my skin in desperate need of attention and refreshing between seasons.

By Sami Kawahara

A quick Google search and a browse through Elana Jade’s bilingual website told me that the 60 minute Ilcsi Peeling Facial would be best to renew my post-summer, dull skin.

After a short walk from Azabu-Juban Station, I felt myself completely relax as I came in from the busy streets of Tokyo to the calm and peaceful spa. As I waited for my treatment in the front room, the relaxing background of soft nature sounds and the Australian-themed décor had me ready to begin the facial experience. Elana Jade Spa was originally started in Australia, inspiring the wicker chairs, clean white walls, and rocks and stones lining the products on display.

I was enthusiastically greeted by the aesthetician and led to one of the three spacious, private treatment rooms. Before we began, she asked questions about my skin and what I was looking to improve, and took the time to thoroughly analyze my skin type. For me, the part that makes an experience worth every penny is this personalized service and care from the staff. At Elana Jade Spa, it is more than just a 60 minute service—Elana Jade and her highly trained staff make sure to educate their clientele about their skin type and possible ways to optimize skin through treatments and at-home care.

After learning more about my skin and the products I use on a daily basis, the peeling facial began. Elana Jade offers individual peeling facials or an intensive, 4-treatment course—one treatment per week for four weeks. This allows for a deep, intense regimen, spread out to prevent damaging skin cells. Three to six weeks after the course is when the skin is at its brightest and best. And as I plan to go back to the US for the holidays and want to look my best, beginning the course in November was optimal timing.

The aesthetician further assessed my skin’s dehydration and mild damage before starting the cleansing and steaming process. She then proceeded with a graceful progression of masks, creams, peels, and moisturizers. In between each process was a relaxing scalp, hand, foot, or shoulder massage. I was blissfully at ease—and sad when the hot stones on my body were taken off, marking the end of the treatment. I lightly touched my face and felt an immediate improvement to my skin’s texture and complexion with zero signs of irritation.

The fully organic and fresh products Elana Jade uses, replaced every two months, were effective and soothing. The spa also sells products that are ranked as at least 95% organic—they are available for women and men, and there is an entirely organic baby line.

As the aesthetician finished the last touches of my facial, she offered various kinds of hot and cold tea so I could relax and slowly come back down to reality. I sipped my Japanese green tea in the front room as she explained the after care and how my skin should feel in the next couple days. The overall experience was relaxing, yet productive for my skin. I left feeling pampered, fresh-faced, and glowing—ready to combat the cold weather and enjoy the holiday months. The thoroughness and careful attention of the staff makes me look forward to going back for more services Elana Jade Spa has to offer.

More information on Elana Jade Spa:

Address: Latorie Memorial Building 3F
1-5-19, Azabu Juban, Minato-Ku, 106-0045
Tel: 03-6438-9895