By Mary Rudow

Street level’s Tokyo Fashion Fuse2010 ignited the flames of party-goers and fashion enthusiasts alike with its high powered fashion show at XEX Daikanyama last weekend (April 10). Sponsored by the famed Italian automobile company Lamborghini, high profile personalities  included Ms Universe Japan 2008 Hiroko Mima (Hiroko is heading off to New York to pursue a modeling career within the next month), Ms Universe Japan candidates 2009 Aya Taue, Mitsuyo Uesaka, Naomi Obata, Maire Ooyama and Cat walk models Polina & Angelica (of Angel17),strode down the carpeted catwalk.

The beautiful weather enhanced the evening, as the main part of the fashion show was to be held on the veranda.  There were three stages to the Fashion show, each about 20 minutes long.  Before the beginning of the first stage, a little commotion broke out as securities were asking the guests to step away from the cat walk (a strip of red carpet along the aisle of the restaurant and out to the veranda), but one of the guests was not complying. There was a tense moment, but the situation was handled smoothly and to the ground crew and organizer Alastair’s credit, it was resolved just in time for the show to commence.

From delicate bustier and shorts ensembles to form fitting yet flowing (short) yukata cum dresses, the outfits provided by Japanese fashion brand SLY definitely have an oriental flavor to them.  The evening’s climax, however, would be to see up close the beautiful lime Lamborghini adorned with the lovely forms of the models.

photos by Kevin Jungnitsch

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