Socks can often be incredibly frustrating. You know the ones that slip down in your shoes and bunch up beneath the arch of your foot? If you’ve ever experienced that misery, you will understand the joy of the “L-shaped sock,” made by Rasox Japan Co., Ltd. that fits your L-shaped ankle area and provides high-quality comfort.

rasox are based on a patent obtained by a developer from a ski and snowboard clothing manufacturer who was concerned about the discomfort caused by socks sagging at the heel and the arch when wearing a ski boot. The most obvious game-changing design feature is the right angle that they make from the sole of the foot to the calf. However, other features based on ergonomic design also work to create a better-fitting sock that thoroughly adheres to the shape of the foot. These features make rasox more comfortable and include reduced bulk at the ankle and instep, which is especially noticeable when wearing boots, decreased pressure in the toe area and a gentle fit at the sole due to equal elasticity both vertically and horizontally. Also, ample use of thread to make a fitted shape at the heel creates the required hold without feeling tight.

Since rasox need to be knitted into their signature shape, craftsmanship is essential at key points. This is why all rasox are made in Japan at two locations in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture and Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture, which have each been involved in sock production for around a century.

Knitting the ankle area at right angles requires real attention to detail and takes 1.5 times more time to manufacture and uses more thread than used in orthodox designs, thus creating unparalleled comfort. rasox’s functionality and usability mean the product can be enjoyed in various settings, from sports to nursing care, and can be appreciated by people of all ages.

rasox come in various shapes and designs for adults and children, including five-toed and Japanese-style “tabi” socks.

Experience the natural comfort of a sock made to fit your foot.

rasox by Rasox Japan Co., Ltd.