Let us give you the lowdown on some practical and hygienic products for those with injuries. From capes to multi-use washing bags, we have you covered.

Award-winning Laundry-net Bag makes the washing process easier for everyone

This product combines the functions of a laundry basket and a washing bag to make the whole process of washing clothes easier for everyone. Drop your dirty clothes inside and close the bag’s zip before you put it in the wash, to protect the clothes from tangling and stretching. When the load is complete, use the handles to carry the bag to the washing line.

The Laundry-net Bag was developed in conjunction with people suffering problems such as limited mobility of finger, hand or shoulder joints due to rheumatism, injury or paralysis. Many users emphasized that the act of doing laundry plays a fundamental role in regulating a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. The company, then, created this product in response. 

The bag’s handles are large enough to place your forearm through and they can also be used to hang the bag on a hook at a convenient height.

You don’t even need to remove clothing from the bag to dry, which is why it’s a small, but significant, revolution in our daily lives.

Laundry-net Bag by carewill, INC.

Tokyo-based carewill, INC. crafts the revolutionary Arm Sling Cape to protect the arm while distracting from its injury

Created based on the needs of patients with temporary or longer-term arm injury is the Arm Sling Cape from carewill, INC. The product has an inner pocket that holds the weak arm just like a traditional triangular arm sling but is also easily pulled over the head to be worn as a short cape. The design protects the arm without drawing attention to the injury.

The cape was created after interviews with more than 20 people who had been receiving treatment from occupational and physical therapists for problems including paralysis, frozen shoulder, damage to the shoulder’s rotator cuff, joint dislocation, bone fracture and rheumatism. The product, therefore, incorporates first-hand experiences of target users.

The cape can be used for either arm. An elastic band sewn into the back distributes the weight of the arm across the shoulders and back to stabilize the arm and prevent fatigue and neck pain, even when worn for long periods.

It comes available in two color options (navy and gray) and is also, conveniently, a one-size-fits-all garment made from a smooth fabric that makes it easy to slip over the head, and take it off again, using just one arm. 

Arm Sling Cape by carewill, INC.