Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Ginza. When the sun goes down, Tokyo lights up with neon signs directing late-night revelers to karaoke bars, izakaya and jazz clubs. Night owls find stimulation in the city’s trendiest neighborhoods and their infinite alleys lined with night clubs, livehouses and cafés where the lilting music casual live bands drifts into the night.

After stopping by Paris, Ho Chi Minh City and Lagos, Mixmag and beer giant Budweiser’s collaborative project, BUDX, drops anchor in the Japanese capital from August 29–31. BUDX puts the spotlight on local gadflies of cultural movements, highlighting those sparking city’s creative and vibrant energy. As such, the event showcases creators, artists, and musicians, and calls out local DJs as well as some of the world’s best crowd-pleasers.

For three days, BUDX Tokyo hosts a series of panels, workshops, art installations and DJ sets from Tokyo’s best as well as esteemed global artists, offering a rounded look into the city’s incredibly diverse creative community. This is the perfect setting for an immersion into Tokyo’s rhythmic nightlife and cultural stratosphere.

In the daylight, visitors can learn about Japan’s film industry from Kosai Sekine, the director who brought us the tearjerking drama Love at Least. Dip your toes in media design with Lute, or receive an introduction to Japanese DIY fashion alongside DJ Mija under the guidance of local designers. Those new to Tokyo’s club culture can learn about its history through a talk with photographer Meisa Fujishiro and Daizo Murata, the former owner of the iconic Yellow nightclub and current owner of Vision, Contact and Bridge. 

At night, let’s go stage-hopping. Make your way down a long list of musical acts and massive parties, all featuring local figures while also showcasing industry-leading international talent. Between a couple of gyozas and a quick FamiChiki, you can listen and dance to Japanese artists like Takkyu Ishino, ANARCHY, Seiho and Mars 89, all up-and-coming stars in their own right. The international scene will be well-represented with top names, including artists like the Canadian-born Tiga, Mija representing the Unites States, and European DJ Mura Masa. 

If you’re interested in attending some of the biggest events, make sure to RSVP here.

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