Tailor-make your treatment at AO Spa & Club with a brand-new lineup of luxury skincare.

“How about a combination of yuzu, green tea, rosemary and salt?” We’re standing at AO Spa & Club’s Blend Bar, picking out a cocktail of ingredients – not to drink but to use as a foot scrub.

Spa director Rachael McCrory is taking us through the assortment of locally sourced seasonal fruits, herbs and essential oils, recommending a mix that’s ideal for detoxing. “We felt there was a gap in the market in terms of providing a unique experience that’s highly personalized,” says McCrory. “As a result, we came up with the Jiyujizai experience, where customers can pick out their own selection of fresh ingredients from the Blend Bar and then opt for two or more treatments.”

This luxurious apothecary approach is just one example of how AO Spa tailors its treatments to suit each customer’s personal style and needs. The Spa, which is on the 37th floor of Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, has also just launched a new range of facial and body treatments incorporating three different skincare lines: Kotoshina, Biologique Recherche, and Elemental Herbology. Each range is packed with pure, concentrated nutrients, offering a wide range of benefits – so many, in fact, that you might find it difficult to choose between them. To help you decide, here are three of our recommended treatments…

Blend Bar

Traditional Healing Massage with Kotoshina

“We chose this brand because we wanted to add something local,” says McCrory. Kotoshina creates products from extracts of premium organic green tea grown on a farm in Uji, Kyoto. The range they came up with for AO Spa is exclusive, and can be enjoyed as part of the spa’s massage and body therapies – take it from us, there is something very special about knowing your body is slathered in green tea goodness. And just how does the green tea facilitate healing? “It’s rich in antioxidants, which wards off free radicals and helps to prevent premature ageing,” says McCrory.

Second Skin Facial with Biologique Recherche

Featuring high concentrations of raw and active ingredients, Biologique Recherche is a French brand that’s entirely free of artificial fragrances and colorings. “I love that every treatment with this range begins with a skin analysis,” says McCrory. “This allows us to tailor the program precisely for each customer.” The Second Skin facial goes a step further by using revolutionary electrospinning technology (similar to 3D printing) to create fiber patches comprised of 86 percent hyaluronic acid that firm and plump the skin. AO Spa is the first in Japan to begin offering this treatment.

Jet Lag Revival with Elemental Herbology 

This holistic British brand’s products are based on the five-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Since each person is naturally drawn to one element, depending on your body’s current needs, this philosophy allows us to customize the treatment,” says McCrory. Enjoy the range of botanical skincare formulas as part of the spa’s post-travel remedies, which include an exfoliation and thermal wrap, a hydrating facial, and a scalp and body massage – perfect for recharging after long-haul journeys.

Andaz Tokyo

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