A pioneer and influential institution in the modern art world, the beloved Museum of Modern Art in New York City is reopening its doors to the public on October 21 after being closed for four months to complete a work-in-progress expansion project four years in the works. With the goal of making art more accessible and shareable for both New Yorkers and foreign visitors, their renovated space adds 40,000 square feet scheduled to display works of all shapes, sizes and background. Along with more exhibition space, the renovations feature a dedicated stage for performance and experimental art, and another to host engaging experiences that hope to bring artists and the general public together.

To celebrate the museum’s renewal and opening of the MoMA Design Store flagship store, limited-edition items have been revealed, and with them, exciting collaborations. I know what you’re thinking: “What does it have to do with me? I live in Tokyo.” Well, the Japanese capital also stands as one of the biggest art centers in the world, and The MoMA maintains a close relationship with it. (You might have seen MoMA products in selected LOFT’s locations, notably in Shibuya and Ginza.) Last spring, a stand-alone MoMA Design Store opened in GYRE Omotesando with a wider selection of curated products all with beautiful designs, bringing you even closer to the NYC mothership. And those limited-edition products mentioned above? Most of them will be available for sale in Japan, too.

Here are TW’s picks if you’re planning to stop by the store and stock up on MoMA merch.

MoMA Water Bottle

If you were on the hunt for a new reusable water bottle to take with you around Tokyo, these stainless steel ones are decorated in colors reminiscent of Tableau I by Piet Mondrian.

Please note this item will only be available from the month of November.


Exclusively designed for this fall’s reopening, these beautiful backpacks showcase the unique pleating technique and モマ written in katakana in the font inspired by manga.


Another exclusive accessory is a collaboration between BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE anf MoMA in the shape of a geometric tote. This line, which also includes a small crossbody purse, was inspired by the theme of “shapes made by chance.”

Yoko Ono PEACE is POWER Crewneck Sweatshirt

The sky blue statement sweatshirt was inspired by Yoko Ono’s MoMA commission. On the front, bold, white letters read: PEACE is POWER.

This item also serves as an homage to Ono, who has been protesting for peace since the 1960s. Her contribution to visual and performance art is well known, and many of her pieces appear in the museum’s collection. Yoko Ono’s MoMA commission Peace is Power can be viewed on the Museum’s third floor.

Please note this item will only be available from the month of November.

Visible Marker THANKS Object by Allan McCollum

Based on the continuing series the Visible Markers project developed by Allan McCollum, this item featuring the message “THANKS” is an object that obtains its significance through the process of its exchange. Its purpose is to remind us to be grateful and appreciate those around us. The marker is meant to given to a loved one and passed on.