Want to explore K-beauty but can’t make it all the way to South Korea? Luckily Tokyo has its very own Korea Town (Shin Okubo) packed with beauty shops where you can hunt down these K-unique skincare items.

Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask by Innisfree

Forget about Moroccan ghassoul, volcanic clay from Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island is the hottest choice for purifying your pores and balancing your skin tone. This series of seven colorful clay packs, each targeting different concerns, are intended to be used in mix and match combinations so you can create your own custom mask (as modeled by our lady above).

¥1,000 per pack, www.innisfree.com/jp

SYN-AKE Essence by It’s Skin

Part of the popular Power 10 Formula range, this fine line-removing, wrinkle-improving essence enhances skin elasticity to give a healthier complexion. Okay, there’s no actual snake in the ingredients, but SYN-AKE includes a synthetic recreation that’s based on snake venom and enhances the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate.

¥1,490, www.itsskin.com

Honey Gum Hand Pack by G9 SKIN

Transform tired hands with this peel-off pack containing honey extract and honey bee propolis along with five nourishing natural oils. Simply apply the honey-like liquid and wait around 20 minutes until it dries before you peel off the mixture, removing dead skin cells and revealing soft, smooth and moisturized hands.

¥1,280, www.skingarden.jp

Prime Youth White Snail Tone Up Cream & Black Snail Repair Cream by Holika Holika

These two premium creams revitalize and regenerate with the secret power of snail secretions! If you can overcome the slimy stigma, youthful faces will benefit from a clearer and brighter complexion with the Tone Up Cream, while aging skin can reverse the years with this intense Repair Cream boasting 70% black snail mucin content.

White Snail ¥5,200 (50ml), Black Snail ¥6,260 (50ml), holikaholika.jp

Milk Sheet Mask by A’Pieu 

Containing hydrating milk extract combined with a variety of delicious ingredients that smell good enough to eat, this face mask range lets you pick a flavor depending on your skin’s needs. Choose from moisturizing coconut milk, nourishing banana milk, soothing matcha milk, firming coffee milk, brightening strawberry milk, smoothing chocolate milk, or classic pure milk.

¥200 per mask, apieu.beautynet.co.kr