Be the coolest camper with this stylish “rock” tent! As well as looking unique, the set up is effortless and you will be able to spot it easily in the sea of blue and green. These tents are available online at (¥4,550).

Festival Gear, Disposable toilet

Among other essentials you need a DISPOSABLE TOILET

Festivals are the place for great music, great weather (we hope), but not so great toilet facilities… Enter the S**t Box, this handy tool means you never have to brave those dodgy port-a-loos again. It comes with ten biodegradable bags, it is reusable and you can even opt for a cool camouflage design. These are available from for a mere ¥1,970.

Here at the Weekender we love MoMA, here are 3 awesome products from them…

MoMA, Tent-safe candles

TENT-SAFE CANDLES – Four AAAbatteries equals 50 hours of light—you can’t go wrong! Let this Smart Candle (¥2,270) light up your tent safely. Why didn’t someone think of these sooner?

MoMA, Eneloop solar charger

Next up is the Solar Power Charger, in light of the energy saving this year, why not use this ENELOOP SOLAR CHARGER (¥8,900) after the festival season also? Never haveto worry about a dead battery again.

MoMA, Sky lite umbrella

Last but not least, is the SKY LITE UMBRELLA 2011 (¥2,270)the uber cool design now folds into a pretty sleeve of the same print—festival must have. All are available at the MoMA store in Tokyo, for further information please visit

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