Brave the winter chills to stock up on fresh produce from local farmers and peruse through handcrafted ceramics.

If you miss the weekly summer festivals at Yoyogi Park, this one may hit the spot. Earthday Market will assemble a vibrant community of local farmers and producers, who will sell fresh produce for the first time this year. Each hailing from the Kanto area, they’ll bring along a colourful array of tasty organic fruits and vegetables which should brighten up these dreary January days. You can even sample bits and pieces, and buy foods and drinks on location.

As well as the fresh fare, there will be a number of stalls displaying and selling handcrafted ceramics, pottery and glassware made by artisans of the region. If looking or buying it is not enough, you can even try your hand at the craft, as there will be workshops held throughout the day.

No better excuse to encourage local farmers, and also to reward yourself with warm stew made from organic veggies when you get home!

Earthday Market

When: Jan. 27, 10:00-16:00

Where: Yoyogi Park, events space

How much: Free!

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