I was in one of the lesser travelled areas of Roppongi Hills recently and happened upon a cute shop called DeLi, which stocks all manner of cute and cuddly things. Similar to Sony Plaza, the shop had the feeling of a unique and higher end convenience store, with a much more varied range of products. Care Bears blankets and vinyl handbags in kawaii prints shared the shelves with imported chocolates and sparkly cosmetics. There were literally hundreds of things I could write about here, but I thought I’d start with the product the jumped out at me the most…

Photo by Kelly Wetherille

These may look like just unassuming yet adorable slippers embroidered with animal faces (the pink piggies were my personal fave), but in fact they double as floor wipers! Simply slip them on and then proceed to waltz around your house or apartment—before long your floors will be sparkling! While it may be hard to reach the tight corners (depending on the size of your feet), you have to hand it to the designers for their ingenious mixing of something practical with something downright cute. And at only ¥1,575 a pair they may be worth the investment just to keep a smile on your face while completing your chores.

An added bonus for those of us who really don’t like dirty work are the matching ‘wiping gloves’ (¥840)—mitts made out of the same microfiber material and in the same quirkly characters, perfect for wiping down tables and countertops. For less than ¥2,500 you can get an entire set or mix and match, and never have to worry about dreading housework again!