“Cool Kyoto” event brings ancient capital to Tokyo

Kyoto, the subject of an exciting new event in Tokyo, is many people’s favorite city in Japan – and I call it my favorite city in the world. Despite the hordes of tourists and endless rows of souvenir shops lining the streets, it’s still possible to find some peacefulness and magic (yes!) in Kyoto – whether that is tucked in a narrow alley, in a bamboo forest, amongst the mountains or at a shrine.

I have visited Kyoto countless times – it is a frequent getaway when things are hectic. My fondest memories are of a rainy Kyoto, the smell of wooden teahouses after the rain, perfect cups of frothy matcha, a few bites of the traditional cinnamon sweet yatsuhashi and an overall feeling of tranquility. Kyoto is truly soothing.

'Made in Kyoto' products

Some of the products that will be on display at the event, at Akasaka Sacas

Cool Kyoto 2012

Apparently Kyoto is not only soothing, but also ‘cool’: the second annual edition of “Cool Kyoto” will feature an array of “Made in Kyoto” products. And luckily, you don’t have to splurge on steep Shinkansen fare as the event takes place here in Tokyo – in Akasaka, Minato-ku.

The products all display Kyoto’s unique ideals and persistency – after all, the culture and tradition, despite a growth through changes in history and values, remain an integral part of the city and people’s daily lives. “Cool Kyoto” aims to showcase different products that have found their place in today’s society, with our modern ideals and high tech ways. The event also strives to promote Kyoto products to us Tokyoites.

The assortment of products will please every taste: traditional sweets and baked goods, crafty house accessories, handbags and clothes, paper lanterns, wooden toys, textiles and kimono, paintings and even cute toys and traditional games. Of course, there is also some food to sample. Food? I’m putting my shoes on in hopes of yatsuhashi.

Trade your Shinkansen ticket for a subway one and grab a slice of the Kyoto goodness – hopefully, if you haven’t already, you’ll get a chance to go for real one day soon.

Cool Kyoto 2010 official site.

When: October 5-8 (detailed schedule here)

Where: Akasaka Sacas, Akasaka, Minato-ku.

How much: Free

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By Vivian Morelli