one: Banish those boring bowls! Even the simplest miso soup or white rice zings in these ceramic dishes in six fun colors. Why not celebrate the end of winter by adding a little vibrancy to your spring table?

Cibone (, ¥8,190 for a set of six.

'Spice Boy' grinders

two: Acclaimed British designer Oliver Hemming combines form and function in these wittily named ‘Spice Boy’ grinders. Adjustable ceramic blades control the amount of spice per serving, and an extra wide mouth means grinding multiple ingredients is a cinch.

Living Motif (, ¥5,670.

Fruit press

three: Even a simple task like squeezing citrus fruit can be made better with thoughtful design. Pop in a lemon or lime, open the valve and squeeze. The result? No more seeds in your food. The ‘lemon press’ also protects unused fruit halves in the refrigerator, retaining maximum freshness.

Select interior stores, ¥1,575.

Lékué silicone steam case

four: Steaming intensifies flavors while maintaining nutrients, but while it may be healthy, it’s hardly convenient. Thanks to Lékué’s silicone steam case, your microwave or oven does the work, and cooking fat free food has never been so easy. Available in four heatproof, dishwasher friendly colors.

Select interior stores, ¥5,250.

Lékué silicone ice cream mold

five: This fun Lékué product brings out the big kid in all of us. Add fruits, juice or anything you like to this silicone ice cream mold and freeze. A few hours later you can have your own bespoke ice treat—sakura popsicles anyone?

Select interior stores, ¥3,675 for a set of four.

'Leonardo' glasses

six: Trust the MoMA store to brighten things up for spring. The gem-like colors and gorgeous curves of these ‘Leonardo’ glasses scream to be picked up, and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a party? Just add drinks and invite the neighbors.

MoMA Store (, ¥9,450.