Is there anything in life more painful than going down a manga or anime rabbit hole, only to find that your new favorite hyperfixation has gone on hiatus indefinitely? Me too, man. The unfortunate reality is that the crunch involved in producing a weekly serialization, the rapidly changing tastes of the community and the multiple projects that most manga artists have to juggle often lead to specific titles having to take a break. It’s also rare for those who’ve entered the manga graveyard to ever escape, which is why we should all rejoice at the revival of Terra Formars, one of the most popular manga from the 2010s.

Officially announced on March 28 by Shueisha, the serialization of Terra Formars will resume in the Weekly Young Jump magazine on April 4. To celebrate this comeback, all previous chapters will be available for free for a limited time on the Young Jump app. This is a great perk for old fans to refresh themselves on where they last left off and for new fans to get stuck into this intense and thrilling series. 

What is Terra Formars?

Written by Yu Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana, Terra Formars is a science fiction seinen manga about what happens after humanity attempts to colonize the planet Mars. A terraforming experiment gone wrong resulted in Mars being populated by giant mutated humanoid cockroaches, known as “Terraformars.” The story then follows a series of expeditions made hundreds of years later in a bid to find out more about the Terraformars, collect samples and, ultimately, defeat them.

Prior to the hiatus, Terra Formars had 22 volumes with a total circulation of over 22 million copies. It won multiple prizes and finished second in the coveted Manga Taisho Awards for 2013. The official reason for the hiatus, announced in 2018, was due to Sasuga’s poor health. We’re hopeful this means he’s managed to recover well.

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