Yayoi Kusama is arguably one of the best known Japanese artists alive. Her polka dotted imagery is instantly recognizable, and can be found all over the country, from the island of Naoshima to the ceiling of the Ginza Six shopping center.

Soon, there will be one more place where fans of the artist’s work will be able to revel in her art: a museum entirely dedicated to Kusama will be opening on October 1.

The building that houses the museum was completed in 2014 in the Bentencho neighborhood of Shinjuku Ward. It was left unused for some time after being finished, leaving people to wonder just what its purpose was for a while. As first reported by Spoon and Tamago, the website for the museum went live a few weeks ago.

The five-story building will offer several spaces where museum goers can enjoy Kusama’s work. The entrance and museum gift shop are on the first floor, while the second and third floors will house twice-yearly exhibitions. The fourth floor will be dedicated to large-scale installations like her celebrated Mirror Rooms, and the fifth floor will serve as a reading room and an archival space.

The first exhibit of the museum will be Creation Is a Solitary Pursuit, Love Is What Brings You Closer to Art, which will run from opening day until February 25, and features a recent series of paintings called My Eternal Soul.

Given Kusama’s extraordinary popularity, large crowds are expected at the exhibit, and advance tickets for the show, which go on sale August 28, will be sold for 90-minute time slots at a price of ¥1,000 each.

Click here for the Yayoi Kusama Museum’s map and contact details.


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