The most well known images are sometimes the most distressing – think ‘Napalm Girl‘ or that of a stricken, famine threatened child in Sudan which won a Pulitzer in 1994 – and the 2013 World Press Photo of the Year is no exception.

Chances are you have seen Swedish photojournalist Paul Hansen’s ‘Gaza Burial‘ – or read about the touching-up did-he/didn’t-he/does it matter controversy it brought up when announced (he did, it doesn’t) – but you will get the chance to take a closer look when the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography puts it on the wall alongside many other category winners and editors’ picks this month.

Of course many of the year’s top news stories figure heavily, but intriguing reportage of lesser known issues is also rewarded with a spot – as is some excellent visual coverage of the 2012 London Olympics and the sumo wrestler you see at the top of this page (credit below).

The exhibition of photos – selected from more than 103,000 pictures taken by 5,600 photojournalists and documentary photographers from 124 countries – tours 100 locations in 45 countries and is in Tokyo between June 8 (Sat) and August 4 (Sun).

Opening hours – Tuesday – Sunday: 10-6pm; Thursday – Friday 10-8pm. Entry is ¥700 for adults, ¥600 for students and ¥400 for High School/Jr. High School students and over-65s.

For more information see the Museum’s website (click through) or spend some time perusing

Main image: Sumo wrestler Kenji Daido by Denis Rouvre. This photo took second prize in the Sports Feature stories category.

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