Looking for Japan-inspired gifts for your loved ones? Tokyo Midtown has a range of design and Japanese crafts shops to browse for high-end items sure to please those who receive them.

Deftly Designed Puzzles (Hida)

A fun puzzle that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, Kodama Wood Puzzle was created by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma and is styled after a pavilion he designed for Arte Sella in Italy. It can be made into any form by connecting the six notched pieces of wood. 

Charming Chopstick Rests (Hashi Choh)

These gorgeously designed crane chopstick rests were handmade by the supremely talented Kyoto-based ceramics artist Kizawa. Each set has a different pattern, so customers know they are receiving a one-of-a-kind item. The delicately painted rests can also be used as ornaments and are recommended as gifts for loved ones.

Tasteful Tea Sets (Fukagawa Seiji 1894 Royal Kiln & Tea)

This adorable teapot and sencha tea set comes in two vivid colors that will brighten up any kitchen. The smooth rims of the teapots have been painstakingly crafted by skilled artisans boasting more than 50 years of experience. The cute white rabbit-shaped decorations on top create a joyful impression that blends in with modern living spaces.

Supersharp and Stylish (Nihonbashi Kiya)

Made of Super Gold powder steel, these sleek and stylish knives have long-lasting sharpness and are resistant to rust. They are layered with nickel alloy and stainless steel to create a suminagashi (floating ink) pattern on both sides of the blade. Aesthetically pleasing and tough, they’re the perfect knives for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. 

Marvelous Maneki Neko (Nakagawa Masashichi Shotengai)

These sleek and modern maneki neko are crafted by ceramics manufacturer Chugai Toen in Seto, a city that’s been producing ceramics for over 1,000 years. The use of hard-paste and soft-paste porcelain, which allows for color variations depending on the glaze, gives these beckoning cats a unique look.

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