Hiromart gallery, near Waseda station, brings artwork from young, talented artists you can buy on-the-spot this January: if you’re thinking of changing up your decor a bit for 2013, this could be the place to visit for some inspiration.

Now an annual event, the Collection Show at Hiromart Gallery presents works from all the artists that were featured at the gallery in 2012. The gallery always presents unique and fascinating artists, such as Ki Yoon Ko, who uses a special technique to flick graphite powder onto his canvas layer by layer to create an image without actually touching it. Another noteworthy artist this year was Hamburg-based Claudia Ahlering, whose human body-centered paintings took all different shapes in a show dubbed “Still Alive”.

If you missed some of those shows this year or if you simply want to catch another glimpse and even take home the artwork, you can drop by the gallery until the end of this month to peruse through drawings, paintings and photographs.

The small but captivating gallery hopes that the show will be a good opportunity to show their favourite artists’ work in one place and to introduce upcoming gallery projects.

The Collection Show

When: January 6-27, see detailed schedule on the website

Where: Hiromart Gallery (see map)

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Artwork image: New painting “Hinode” (Sunrise) by Yuka Goto 160x285cm

(Text by Vivian Morelli)