Ultra-technologist group teamLab blurs the boundaries between art, science and technology with their impressive digital artworks and amusement park creations.

In this first exhibition of their critical acclaimed productions, 14 new and established installations will be presented in one huge space. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the large-scale works, utilizing their whole bodies to experience and learn from the team’s forward-thinking digital attractions.

You can see one of them, dubbed “Floating Flower Garden,” below:

Shake! Art Exhibition and Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park

When: Until May 10

More information: http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/guide/

How much: Adults ¥1,800, students ¥1,200, children ¥900

Where: 135-0064 Tokyo, Koto-ku, Aomi 2−2−3−6 (see map)

—Christopher O’Keeffe

Image: teamLab