If you find yourself ambling around near the narrow streets of Harajuku, you may want to make a pit stop by the small but oh-so-cool Kit Gallery to look at some illustrations from talented young locals Aika Hirano and Seitaro Ito. Both artists are based in Tokyo, and both will present works centered around a “romantic” theme – February being the month of love, maybe?

Seitaro Ito is a self-taught illustrator who has worked abroad in Shanghai and London. He currently keeps a blog, FOXY illustrations, and his work was featured in the likes of Vice Magazine and Tokyo ViVi. He’s also collaborated on lines of accessories and clothing, adding his twee and playful doodles on totes, jumpers and even hosiery.

Aika Hirano is well-known around the indie music scene for creating promotional flyers for bands, both local and international. Her corner of the exhibition will feature old and new works, and you can catch a glimpse of her flair here.

Oui, c’est ROMANTIC!

When: Feb. 21-27

Where: Kit Gallery (see map)

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