Kazumasa graduated in Architecture from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2001. He has worked on numerous visual art and architectural projects in Tokyo including Small Impact (Nakaochiai Gallery, 2005) and Art Cross, a project combining architecture, interior design and visual art where he gutted a Tokyo Bay fishing boat and temporarily transformed it into a Japanese teahouse. Kazumasa spent four years working for architects Aoki Jun & Associates where he worked, amongst many projects on a private clinic and residential projects for musician Cornielus.   Recent exhibitions include; Le Monde de Coco – The World of Coco by Modern Artists, Chanel (Ginza, Tokyo); 101TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair 2008/9 (Akiharabara, Tokyo); Midsummers Dream (The Four Seasons Hotel, Chinzan- so). Kazumasa lives and works in Tokyo.  This is the artists second solo exhibition at Nakaochiai Gallery.

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