On the viral news front, one of the Internet’s latest fixations is a 23-year-old casual artist from Kyushu.

Simply known as “Shinrashinge” across his three choice social media platforms, he has a limited display of his works, but they sure are eye-catching. Creating pieces from whatever mediums he has lying around his house – snacks, paper cups, old apples, his own arms, ashtrays – Shinrashinge-san is getting well-deserved media attention for his 3-D pieces.

His Twitter feed is a string of thoughts and thank you’s to his rapidly growing fanbase, with his own favorite art pieces, made from tobacco and ash, featured throughout. He shares manga character sketches and his artistic process, and even goes into detail about his most impressive piece, the “3-layer Doraemon Cup.” The short animation, all made from three plain paper cups which the average person probably has stacked in a bag beneath their kitchen sink, took Japanese Twitter by storm, earning hundreds of thousands of retweets.

Over on Instagram you’ll find a more comprehensive gallery of his carvings, 3-D drawings and expansive food decorations. You can see the humor in his works, even when he’s literally spooning Pikachu, sprawled across “Poke-raisu,” or threatening to drown a Piglet cracker into a tub of fondue. Armed with just a pencil or a butter knife, he puts us all to shame for not taking the time to play with our food.

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A user on his platforms for just barely a year (or months, for his YouTube channel,) his works don’t go too far back. Although we haven’t heard too much about him, and have only seen the animations on TV and our Facebook feeds, we expect that this prolific and mysterious young artist in Fukuoka will be making more waves and splashes in the sea of social media.

You can see more of his work over on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter.

–Natalie Jacobsen

Main image: Shinrashinge’s Instagram feed