Thought your kitchen in Tokyo was small? Kirin has redefined the idea of a “miniature kitchen,” with these mini creations 1/48th the scale of real life and a refrigerator tinier than your ten yen coin.

In a brilliant effort to promote their new sparkling waters, Kirin created videos and full 3D scenes small enough to fit in a plastic bottle, as part of the “Sekai no Kitchen Kara” (from the world’s kitchen) series.

The first video, featuring a woman walking through the streets of Morocco, was created using 3D miniature figures with an iPhone scene as the backdrop. Six miniature figures for one character were created to depict them walking, and each figure was made using 3D printers. Around 200 figures were created for the making of the video.


Check out the full process in this 42-second video:

The new sparkling water is fully depicted in a kitchen scene within a 500 mL plastic bottle. We can get a better perspective of how tiny the pieces are, set next to a ruler and ¥10 coin:


This 44-second video can give you a sense of scale:

Check out the full story below, as well as their interactive site and multiple vine videos: