Regarded as the top-selling living artist, German artist Richter is back with some new paintings and glass panels, this time using digital technology.

Gerhard Richter has been a prominent figure of the art scene for the past five decades or so, through his photo-realistic paintings, color charts, and multilayered abstract works. Now, at 80 years of age , he returns to the stripe paintings he used to do in the past, albeit this time without the homemade squeegee he once used to rub and scrape the large bands of paint.

This exhibition, which celebrates the Wako Works of Art Gallery’s 20th anniversary, features the identifiable stripes, which consist of abstract works that Richter has digitally processed in a complex way (read: no squeegee), as well sculptures made of 8 layers of glass and works that use enamel applied to photography, a series entitled “Museum Visit”.

The painter/sculptor has had quite an interesting upbringing: born Born in Dresden in 1932, Richter was conscripted in the children’s auxiliary of the Hitler Youth, and was educated under a communist regime. He left high school before graduating, and apprenticed as an advertising and stage-set painter, finally fleeing to West Germany where he collaborated with fellow artist Sigmar Polke.

Whether you’re familiar with Richter or simply enjoy delightful work of arts in all shapes and sizes (the paintings come in both small and giant dimensions), this is a chance to catch an impressive exhibit from the notable artist.

Gerhard Richter “New Strip Paintings and 8 Glass Panels”

When: until January 26, 11:00-19:00 (closed Sunday, Monday and holidays)

Where: Wako Works of Art Gallery (see map)

How much: Free

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