Sanagi Shinjuku, a borderless place where people can communicate through various cultures such as food, arts, music, and events is holding a series of exhibitions called the Arts of Autumn. The exhibitions, produced by Sanagi Incubation, aim to disseminate “new Japan” through the voices of up-and-coming creators.

Four exhibitions will be held at the Sanagi Incubation gallery, which changes every two weeks, from October 1 to November 30.


Oct 1 to 16: Obimari
Oct 17 to 31: Maasa Nishimura
Nov 1 to 15: Akane Kojima
Nov 16 to 30: Rose Color Kumataro


Graduated from Visual Communication Design Department of Musashino Art University. Working as a graphic designer for PR company and as an artist. Winner of the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Design Award

Maasa Nishimura

Maasa Nishimura started studying painting in 2007 and earned her B.A. from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. She completed her M.F.A. at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York in 2014. After that, she worked for Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in New York.

Akane Kojima

Born in Osaka in 1989. Expresses creatures with embroidery and paint.Mainly working in Osaka, Tokyo and overseas and presents works at department stores and commercial facilities.

Rose Color Kumataro

Drawing high school girls and supporting an idol.

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