From June 8, the Eki museum in Kyoto will display the works of famous Japanese photographer Anju focusing on Heian-kyo. Literally translating to “the capital of peace and tranquility,” it’s the old name given to Kyoto, which was once Japan’s capital. Anju’s works aim to immortalize the true spirit of the city that’s normally imperceptible to the human eye.

Heian-kyo was designed and built based on the principles of Feng shui and Taoist astrology, and, according to the artist, was a place where life and death intertwined and where emotions ran high while artistic thought was stimulated every day. This reportedly resulted in an atmosphere of wonder and imagination, which Anju tried to capture in 80 works using traditional Japanese washi paper.

The exhibition will be accompanied by original songs performed by Haruomi Hosono, known as the Japanese king of pop and grandson of Titanic survivor Masabumi Hosono. The exhibit ends on June 30.

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