Maybelline eyeliner

One: Just in time for the stiflingly humid Japanese summer, Maybelline is releasing a new waterproof mascara that will stay put even at the pool or beach. The specially designed comb applicator separates lashes better than a traditional brush, while at the same time curling and creating instant volume. Lashes stay beautifully curled for up to 18 hours.
Drugstores across Japan from June 6, ¥1,260.

Maybelline waterproof mascara

Maybelline waterproof mascara

Two: Innovations in the field of cosmetics have been plentiful over recent years, and possibly one of the most ingenious makeup inventions to come out of this is felt tip eyeliner. This easy-to-use pen dispenses just the right about of smooth, quick-drying liquid, so clumps, cracks, and blotches are a thing of the past.
Drugstores across Japan, ¥1,260.

Three: To keep the heat and humidity from getting the best of your complexion, this mineral-based finishing powder gives Maybelline mineral-based finishing powderlightweight, matte coverage that lasts throughout the day. The micro-mineral formula is gentle on even sensitive skin, but lends a natural, healthy glow and provides porcelain perfection all year long. Includes its own brush and brush case for easy on-the-go application.
Drugstores across Japan, ¥1,785.

Four: The Body Shop has a new, limited-edition line of summer fragrance and body products, White Musk White Hot Summer, that is sure to conjure up memories of tropical getaways. A lighter interpretation of the company’s popular White Musk scent, the fragrance is a mix of pink pepper, bergamot, violet leaf, rose, and other florals, grounded with a warm, musky base.
The Body Shop (, Eau de toilette spray, ¥2,625; body lotion, ¥2,100; and body spritz, ¥2,100.Body Shop productsBody Shop productsBody Shop products