“Your bottle opener is ringing,” goes the intoxicase tagline…

Get this iPhone 4/4S case, which has a “Hi-impact Pure Polycarbonate Body,” and you’ll be making, primarily, a protective purchase. But it doesn’t stop there.

The iPhone, so integral to our lives these days, pondered the Intoxicase designers, (on a cold night, around a campfire, according to legend…) is “prime real estate for every day accessories.” They ask, “How many times you have searched around your bag for an opener?”

Intoxicase app

Well, as we seem to rarely let our phones out of our hands these days, why not build something in to them? The result, the next best thing, building it into the case, surprised its testers with its efficacy. Local barmen in the area used it in their workplaces and, we imagine, got a few extra tips from intrigued customers! After “hundreds of hours of development,” and thirteen prototype iterations, it was launched.

The durable case, made of polycarbonate, with a built in stainless steel bottle opener (it isn’t simply welded on) that protrudes just 3mm from the phone, does feel strong and looks smart. What more could we ask for? Well, “for a bit of fun,” of course, an app!

The free download, available from Apple’s App Store (Intoxicase App) tells you how many beers (or, indeed, ‘sodas’) you have opened, can categorise them into types for you (we guess you have to input that rather than it being able to tell by the clinking or popping/fizzing sound…) and you can even share/show off to all your mates on Facebook about how many bottles you have downed.

It’s a nice gimmick, perhaps it really will become more than that for owners; could it form part of their regular assortment of personal gadgetry? One thing’s for sure, it will earn a few admiring glances from amongst your mates – hey, maybe they’ll buy you a beer.

It’s available in Japan, now, through the worldwide delivery service offered on the – we forgot to mention, nicely named – ‘intoxicase.’