TW Local Style Profiles: The Founders of KAA on Tokyo Fashion and Where to Shop in the Capital


Each month, we interview Tokyo-based designers or trendsetters to find out what inspires their style and where they love to shop in the city. This November, we chat with Kanako Kiyomatsu and Mai Takafuji, the founders and designers of KAA clothing brand (previously called MM9).

Our Clothing Brand Is…

Seasonal. This concept is the starting point for all designs; we want to be able to create designs freely while keeping the mood of the season in mind. We want to make clothes that excite people, that make people joyful and fill them with a sense of empowerment.

Tokyo Fashion Is…

Undecided. There are many people who enjoy dabbling in a wide variety of styles and adapting them into their own sense of fashion.

Our Favorite Place to Shop in Tokyo Is…

Comme des Garçons in Marunouchi. This store is always interesting, with clothes and styles changing seasonally. It’s always a delight to see what’s new on the shelves. The atmosphere is very welcoming, so visiting here feels like returning home. Aside from the clothes, the food [served at Rose Bakery, which shares the space] also has seasonal options and a quiet, comfortable area in which one can eat and relax. There are often interesting art exhibitions and installations in the store, from which we love to draw inspiration.



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