Introducing Innsomnia: The New Akasaka Hotel That “Never Sleeps”

Launched in March 2016, HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka creates a smart yet comfortable base for travelers and business people who work and play 24/7.

These days, people want more from their vacations or business trips than just a fleeting glimpse at a city’s top tourist attractions. They want to get to know the heart of the place they’re staying in, and learn more about its history and culture. When creating their latest property, HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka sought to offer exactly this, so they positioned the hotel in Akasaka, one of Tokyo’s most culturally rich neighborhoods, and incorporated facilities that allow guests to work and socialize around the clock. Here’s what you can look forward to when booking a stay at HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka:

Guest Rooms That Are More Like Apartments

The hotel offers seven different types of rooms, named either according to how large it is in square meters, or for its appeal in terms of Japanese-style decor. The smallest is “Thirty Five” (35 square meters), but even this one includes a lounge area and workspace. The biggest room is “Wa – Japanese Style” (60 square meters), and combines Western-style twin beds with an 8-mat tatami room that can be used for relaxing or for additional guests who can make use of futon bedding. Room rates start from ¥21,000 per person per night.

Tokyo Weekender Hotel the M Innsomnia Akasaka 1

A Workaholic’s Dream Space

Why’s that? Because HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka has a room called “Workaholic” that comes equipped with a boardroom table where you can host meetings and conference calls, a top quality audio system, and a high-definition TV screen with multiple channels that’s ideal for catching a sports match with colleagues after a day spent brainstorming. Rental fee: ¥19,000 (including tax and service fee) per two hours. Half price for guests staying at the hotel.

Tokyo Weekender Hotel the M Akasaka 2

Your Own Private Dinner Party

If you often travel to Tokyo but don’t have your own apartment in the city, then HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka makes an ideal place to entertain. You can rent out the “Kitchen Drinker” room, which includes modern cooking facilities with storage design by German company Bulthaup, and a dining table with seating for eight. It’s also available to rent for non-hotel guests who might want to hold cooking classes. Rental fee: ¥29,000 (including tax and service fee) per four hours. Half price for guests staying at the hotel.

Hotel the M Innsomnia Akasaka party

A Daily Workout

If you’re burning the candle at both ends, it’s important to make sure you’re looking after your health and fitness. Head to HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka’s quirkily named gym, “Muscle Pain,” which is open 24 hours a day and features stylish equipment from the Italian manufacturer Technogym’s Wellness Collection. Free for hotel guests.

Tokyo Weekender Hotel the M Innsomnia workout

Free Speciality Coffee

Catering to the city that never sleeps, the hotel’s café never closes. It serves freshly brewed speciality coffee by Kyoto brand Unir, and HOTEL the M INNSOMNIA akasaka guests are entitled to drink as many cups as they would like – for free. Pair it with a buttery Le Petit Mec Croissant for a perfect morning, afternoon, or late-night snack.

Tokyo Weekender Hotel the M Innsomnia cafe


2-14-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Phone: 03 3568 3456

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