TOPJapanese Golden Retriever Coco Is an Internet Sensation

Japanese Golden Retriever Coco Is an Internet Sensation

By Sami-chan

A TV-loving, corn-on-the-cob-eating golden retriever named Coco has won the hearts of many in a video posted by Japanese YouTube user gajyumaru234.

And if the sight of Coco nibbling on a corn on the cob skillfully from left to right has you sitting up and begging for more, the well-mannered 11-year-old dog has plenty more videos to offer. For example, watch an excited Coco as her favorite TV show comes on:


If you’re having a bad day, you can check out Coco eating a melon:


Or see Coco patiently wait for some freshly cooked crab to cool down:


Coco is featured in almost 300 videos, having racked up more than 24 million views, but perhaps our all-time favorite one is watching Coco get served her 9th birthday, multi-course sushi dinner. Coco’s owner sets up a sushi station in front of her, with a menu of each individual course. The owner starts with a dog-biscuit roll, continues with a few more rolls, grills beef and tuna over some rice, and ends with a mini dog biscuit roll topped with carrots. In between rolls, Coco receives a sake glass full of milk while she waits for her next piece to be served.




See the full video here:

And finally, Coco’s corn on the cob video that made her famous with appearances in TIME, the Huffington Post, and the viral news site Buzzfeed:

–Sami Kawahara