TOPGet Action!! Tells the Story of a Legendary Tokyo Punk Band

Get Action!! Tells the Story of a Legendary Tokyo Punk Band

By Alec Jordan

The rock documentary hits Shibuya screens with English subtitles, for one week only.

Teengenerate blew up on the Shimokitazawa band scene nearly twenty years ago and for three years managed to blow away worldwide audiences with an anarchic blend of punk-inspired garage rock. Exploding out of Tokyo, the band rocketed around America and Europe playing shows and releasing singles on a number of different labels, inspiring a next generation of rockers both home and abroad. Get Action!! is a new documentary charting the rise and fall of this seminal band. With interviews from band members, the imaginatively named Fink, Fifi, Sammy, Suck, Shoe and (err…) Greg, along with some of the people they helped inspire, including Guitar Wolf’s Seiji. Teengenerate fan and former cinema owner Junya Kondo documents who the band were and what they were all about.

The documentary, released back in March, has been given English subtitles for a one-week run at Shibuya Humax Cinema. It’s not often that films get English subs over here, so check out this treat for film and music fans while you can—you have until Friday. Rock on!