Moai Statue Exhibit

What exactly do you know about Moai statues – apart from that one of them makes a good meeting spot in Shibuya?

Besides being the thinking Shibuya meet’s Hachiko, moai statues are mostly associated with Easter Island. Sadly, the chances of visiting Easter Island, in Polynesia, anytime soon and getting a glimpse of their over-large heads are pretty slim for the vast majority of us, but now, a genuine Easter Islander has ‘brought them’ to us, with a good cause…

This exhibited moai statue is actually a recreation by an Easter Islander and is planned to be presented to Minamisanriku, Miyagi prefecture, in support of rebuilding efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The three-meter-high, two-ton moai stands, we’re told, as a symbol of friendship between the two cities, which began following the Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960.

In addition, a photo exhibition of the moai – both from on Easter Island, as well as recreated with Lego – will be on display at Marunouchi OAZO.

If you’re in need of a refreshment after gazing at the moai, stop by the Marunouchi Cafe Ease (same space as the exhibit), as it will be transformed into the Marunouchi Sakura Cafe, adorned with cherry blossoms and offering a special menu of seasonal beverages and sweets.

Moai Exhibit (in Japanese)

When: March 20-28 (Sakura Cafe until April 3)

Where: Marucube and Marunouchi Cafe Ease

How much: Free

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  1. Entire easter island + all statues are a giant 3D ideogram….think pictionary category volcanology…A ring of volcanic statues..some dormant + some with erupting red tops….set within the bigger ring the Pacific Ring of Fire,,,,a ring of volcanoes, some dormant, some with red erupting tops..A key to tell us they knew volcanology, there are many other details….it teaches us how to read other megaliths…Moai speak,,,, they use visual communication..because you would not know the futures languages but you would know everyone of every nation who sees SEES the same….+ the proof is simply that… you can SEE the ideogram by looking at the entire island as a whole + the ring of fire at same time! see our fb + youtube….there are others! GIZA pyramid is one also !

    ty Judith Woolworth Donahue

    We solve megaliths !

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