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In Victoria there are an amazing number of artisans and cottage industry craftspeople that take their creations to local markets. A few of the famous summer craft markets in Victoria are the Moss St. Market (every Saturday and includes local organic produce), Bastion Square (Mon–Fri); Government St. Market (every Sunday); and Sidney Summer Street Market (daily 5:30–9:30pm from June–August).

I found a beautiful collection of felted bags at the Government St. Market on Sunday from Fibres of Life handicrafts. The result of a creative partnership between a local community developer and the Association for Craft Producers (ACP) in Nepal, which supports low income artisans, this fair trade organization works with 90 percent women, providing targeted support for ethnic minority communities which can face additional economic and social challenges within the country. The Victoria importer, Freedom Enterprises, also represented design-conscious fair trade jute totes from India by Freeset.

Louis who?! These are bags that stand apart and you can seriously feel good about!

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  1. I went to University and lived in Victoria, B.C. for 5 years and the markets are one of the truely special features of this city, making for a relaxing and inspiring weekend! There are quite a few craftspeople doing very thoughtful and socially-progressive designs that make it easy to think locally and globally at the same time. Cheers for this!

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