Salt fights Summer Heat?

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Crunky cookies

A Summer version of Crunky cookies means white chocolate mixture sandwiched between two biscuits which are flaked with salt. It sounds pretty tasty (as does the vanilla ice cream and salt flavour, pictured on the right) and would, perhaps, go down well even in Spring. We will get our chance to savour the salt on May 15th, the company say.

Then, we will have Koume-chan plum sweets. Umeboshi, Japanese salty, sour pickled plums which may turn your face inside-out, have often been associated with the heat in Japan; these sweets have plum salt which, according to Lotte, will give a milder saltiness with a sweet and sour flavour.

There is even room for premium Alpine – 70% German, of course – and French and Italian rock salt. Lotte will dust grapefruit and lime candies, and fill caramel cookies with with sweet European salinity.