Several times a year, Tokyo Weekender creates and celebrates the non-digital and tangible parts of culture with our magazine parties, where you can pick up a copy of our latest issue, as well as spend time with an array of creatives in the Tokyo scene. On March 1, we all gathered at our partner venue Or, Miyashita Park, to make new memories, welcome spring and make the magazine pages come to life — starting with our cover star Anton Wörmann who was there to party with us.

Special Guest Booths: TW Supporting Women

With International Women’s Day and Girl’s Day both on the horizon, we also wanted to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. We invited some inspiring women to have booths at the party and showcase their work.

We also welcomed visitors to think about the women in their lives who inspire them, women they are grateful for, and write their names down.

Ayaka Ohira and the Muscle Girls. Photo by Zoria Petkoska.

Ayaka Ohira

Hailing from Fukuoka, this Tokyo-based multitalented creative can draw, animate and tell stories. It all comes together in Galverse, a story in which Ohira merges nostalgia and futurism, shojo and shonen, 90s manga and AI — and even gyaru influences. Ohira has also created a music video for musician Tove Lo, which we played at the party. Ohira brought the original drawings for the video to show, as well as other artwork and merchandise. You can read her interview with TW here.

Photo by Rick

Muscle Girls

A stunning example of strong women, we found the Muscle Girls from the Muscle Girls Bar inspiring and fun, so we naturally had to have them at our latest party. They flexed and showed us their muscles, but kept the slaps for when you visit their bar. We also played our video of the Muscle Girls Bar during the party to give visitors a look into what awaits if they visit.

Read the Muscle Girls Bar interview here.


A small fashion design studio led by a woman, Harob is all about handmade all-natural robes made from hemp and hand-dyed. The pieces take inspiration from yukata, traditional clothing that’s especially comfortable in summer. At the TW Party, visitors could try on the colorful pieces and learn more about Harob’s sustainable practices.

See Harob’s collection here.

Photo by Mayuka Takasugi

TW Spring Party Limited Edition Cocktail

At TW, we bring creativity to everything, including drinks. As is now tradition, we have a special cocktail for every party designed in collaboration with Or, our host venue. This time we brought back the sakura cocktails from our April 2023 party.

Here are the recipes if you want to make them at home.

Kanade Sakura Gin & Tonic

– 10ml Kanade Sakura liqueur
– 30ml gin
– 1/8 of a lime
– tonic water

Kanade Sakura & Milk Tea

– 30ml Kanade Sakura liqueur
– 40ml black tea (unsweetened)
– Milk

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