Is there a more iconic Japanese food than sushi? From the classic nigiri sushi to mouthwatering gunkan, sushi is more than a food here — it’s an artform. If you find yourself wandering around Tokyo and want to tantalize your taste buds with some of the best sushi on offer, here are a few suggestions. 

best sushi tokyo

Sushi Restaurant Ginza Fukusuke Main Branch

Founded and managed by a high-end fresh seafood wholesaler that has been beloved in Ginza for over 60 years, Fukusuke is known for its incredibly fresh offerings and its wide array of ingredients, with over 50 different types of fish carefully selected based on seasonality. You can opt for a course menu or choose à la carte if you’re looking for a more reasonable price point. 

The sushi is expertly crafted using techniques that have been inherited, honed and perfected over decades and presented as works of art that look (almost) too good to eat. Fukusuke’s elegant interior adds to the experience, with high ceilings and stately wood and stone accents juxtaposed against a breathtaking view of Ginza.

best sushi tokyo

Manten Sushi

At Manten Sushi you can put your faith in the chef, as this sushi restaurant serves only omakase style. “Omakase” literally translates to “I leave it up to you;” guests leave the menu completely in the hands of the chef, who uses their expertise to create a unique, artistic and memorable meal. Omakase cuisine is extremely seasonal, as it utilizes ingredients when they are at their very best to give the customer an exquisite dining experience, the menu at Manten Sushi will reflect this, highlighting the best the season has to offer.

While many top omakase restaurants in Tokyo are associated with inaccessible price points, Manten is known for offering delectable, high-end dishes at a reasonable cost. The chefs will create your meal with passion and joy, leaving a deep impression.

best sushi tokyo


Enjoy a breathtaking view of Ginza while eating exquisite sushi at Kadohachi, situated on the eighth floor of Ginza Glasse. With seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the owner and prepared with care by the chefs, it’s particularly well known for how aesthetically pleasing its food is. Kadohachi is a perfect place to enjoy sushi in a casual yet luxurious environment, taking in the scenery or even just admiring the elegant, minimalistic decor. The restaurant provides a number of dining experiences, from tables overlooking the bustling streets below to private rooms suited for gatherings and events; guests can enjoy a course meal or order a la carte, and a wide variety of wines, sake and cocktails are on offer as well.