In this age, the home has become the crux of our lives. It’s no longer just a functional place for sleeping and bathing and eating; it is now the workspace, and a site of recreation and entertainment. To adjust to this new home life, we may turn to revamping the living space: to simulate a staycation of sorts, or to carve out an office corner, or maybe just to enjoy a metaphorical breath of fresh air. 

As a general trend, more expatriates are investing in residential properties in Japan. This is where ONE DESIGNS comes in. The company has a wide range of services, from architecture and interior design to building renovations – as well as consultation in English. If you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of owning or managing a property in Japan, it is ensured that, in their hands, any project adheres to city regulations and national law.


Recently, they’ve expanded to provide store and hotel designs. The facade of the Oriental Hotel Kyoto, for example, merges modernist lines and wafu (Japanese-style) materials, paying homage to its home city with a sleekness that is characteristic to the ONE DESIGNS brand. Eclecticism is a huge part of their design language. In addition to working in a variety of settings, from domiciles to offices and audiovisual displays, they execute with elegance numerous styles. We see in their oeuvre midcentury modern furniture; the juxtaposition of mixed marbles and light wood; fresh, light-filled washitsu (Japanese-style rooms); and even spaces inspired by the oriental boudoir. Which makes them perfect for the revitalization of a living room-turned-office, a space that is cozy and personal as much as it inspires productivity.

Designs to Partner with any Home

ONE DESIGNS’ network includes company designers as well as overseas and domestic furniture makers. This kind of specialization does not mean that a personal project is usurped by professionals. Rather they work from your ideas, hence the variety of their portfolio. From your proposals, they will suggest materials and fabrics, provide custom furniture and choose colors for the flooring, stone and more. They can also provide decorative items for rental and sale. Again, their plans often incorporate timeless and charming accent pieces like the Persian rug, the chandelier, the lounge chair. But the main aim is to honor the latest trends while coordinating rooms to their location and, most importantly, the comfort of the residents. For example, for a condo in Grosvenor Place, Kamizonocho, low-lying, geometric furniture, in metallic and neutral tones, complements the surrounding greenery of Yoyogi Park.

It’s evident that ONE DESIGNS can integrate classic architectural styles into the home. To boot, their modern rooms are sleek but avoid the robotic feel often associated with contemporary design. For them, making a people’s space is about adding warm embellishments to trim, chromatically minimal architecture. In an Aobadai home, we see yellow-toned lights washing over stone walls and glass, and witness the meeting of wool and glass, tweed and stone. Perhaps you have a more specialized request, a bathroom or even a child’s playroom; ONE DESIGNS offers support for every corner of the home and each unique need, however demanding. Your dreams of a total redesign of the home, walls and flooring and all, is possible with the company’s connections. ONE DESIGNS is your portal to the world of Japanese contractors, carpenters and designers.

Essential Information

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